Custom Glass Smoking Tips

The Lowest Pricing for Custom Glass Tips

Looking to give your glass tips that little something extra? We offer custom glass tips at the lowest prices. Whether you want to have your own brand of glass tips or if you want to promote your business, we offer great prices and creative packaging solutions. We also carry creative packaging solutions for your custom glass tips to help get your name and brand noticed.

You may be well aware of how glass tips will enhance your smoking experience. If you haven’t tried them out then we can assure you, you’re missing out! Our glass tips will guarantee you a smoother more enjoyable smoke. You’ll be able to reuse them, just ensure you clean your custom tips correctly to get the maximum benefits out of them. 

Custom Glass Tips: Multiple Styles, Colors, and Sizes

We offer creative packages for your custom tips. You’ll be able to get your name and brand noticed with style. Our reasonable prices will make it impossible for you to resist. Your friends will be asking where you got them from! You may even want to buy our custom tips for those tricky people who never give you gift ideas!

Our non-branded glass tips are available for wholesale in any size and color and any quantity. You’ll find we offer great deals on our wholesale prices, just contact us to find out how much your custom tips will cost at the desired quantity!

Create Unique Brand Awareness with Personalized Custom Smoking Tips

Glass tips offer substantial benefits to the user by reducing resin and tar intake to create a more enjoyable experience. This style of tip also offers amazing benefits to brands who wish to establish themselves as a main player in their industry. Glass Tips are your leading provider of custom smoking tips that can feature your logo for heightened brand awareness. With a range of attractive options available as well as wholesale pricing so that you can affordably get your name out there, we create the most unique smoking experience that promotes your business and brand.

Maintain Your Brand with Custom Glass Tips

At Glass Tips, we have a range of options available for non-branded tips that come in a number of colors, sizes and styles to match your business objectives. Stylish and durable, our glass tips provide space for your logo as well as custom packaging so that you can get noticed. Offer your customers a more enjoyable smoking experience while promoting your brand in the most unique and engaging way. Our custom solutions allow for full flexibility with design ideas for the perfect product every time.

Other custom sizes and designs are also available upon request.

Ask Us About Wholesale Prices for Custom Smoking Tips Today

Personalize your smoking experience with custom smoking tips created by Glass Tips. To find out more information about our wholesale pricing options for custom glass tips featuring your personalized logo, contact the team at Glass Tips today by calling us at (800) 990-0076.

Wholesale Pricing Available on Non-Branded Glass Tips of all Sizes and Colors

If custom glass tips are exactly what you’re looking for, then what you’re in the best place. We’re happy to work with you to build the perfect glass tips with your own brand or desired logo along with the perfect packaging to suit your needs. With our personalized packages and low prices how can you go wrong?

Email us at for pricing and other details.