GLASS TIPS & OTHER SMOKING ACCESSORIES March 22, 2019 – Posted in: Glass Tips

Glasstips is here to meet your smoking needs with our range of glass tips available to purchase online! By using glass tips when making your roll you’ll be able to avoid your papers disintegrating due to getting wet. You’ll also find you will make a better roll using glass tips as they’re less likely to fall apart.  

When using glass tips you won’t need to continue purchasing them over and over as you’ll be able to simply clean them, a great investment! Glass tips are very durable, they will last a long period of time before needing to replace them.

They do not heat up so you don’t need to question whether they’re worth the money over disposable tips. You won’t need to keep making emergency trips to the shops to buy more filter tips. Using glass tips avoids the horrible taste which comes with disposable tips along with avoiding bits of tobacco entering your mouth. Sounding better already, right?  

No need to worry, glass tips can be used with most rolling papers. You may find smaller papers wont hold so well as they don’t tend to be long enough. We have a range of rolling papers available to purchase to help your get the best quality smoke! We will be able to support you with any questions in relation to the best products to purchase together and give our expert advice.


Buying Glass Tips Oline


Not only do you get a better smoking experience with glass tips but you gain style too! We have a wide variety of glass tips to suit your need and taste. You’ll be able to find one you love we’re sure of it! Using glass tips will give you an all round enjoyable smoking experience, you won’t believe what you’ll have available to you on our website!

So, why use our website to make your purchase? Not only do we offer many of your favorite brands in one place, we like to ensure your security. Our website offers secure online payments to guarantee safe payments.  

We can offer you live online support if you have any questions about our range. You may not have purchased glass tips before and need support on what product will suit you, we will be available 24/7 to help you.  

To make it even more appealing we offer free delivery on orders over $500 and 10% orders over $1000. You’ll be sure to make use of these offers when you see whats available. 

You’ll be able to find everything you need and more on our online store. Make sure your wallets full, you’ll find it hard to resist our awesome products once you get started! Check out our website now to get your perfect glass tip, you won’t regret it!